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Peru is one of the top tourist destinations in the world (it is definitely among the top ten destinations in America, at least). Besides being a lovely country, Peru is remarkable because of several reasons. We like to call Peru a sort of "summary" of what you can find everywhere else.

For instance, Peru has 30 out of the 32 weathers available in the planet. It has coast, desert, valleys, Andes mountains, and the Amazon rainforest. Despite the fact cultural tourism is one of Peruvian core features (yes, Machu Picchu!), the country has a lot more to offer. If you want to go to a nice beach, Peru has many of them. If you are looking for mountain climbing, Peru will give you a great challenge. If you are willing to find beautiful sights, Peru will definitely take your breath away. In addition, the country is becoming increasingly renown for its cuisine both for its traditional dishes and the tasty fusion of Peruvian and international meals.

We started Encantada Tours ("encantada" is the Spanish word for "charmed", by the way) because we believe every tourist must come to Peru at least once in his or her life… and you deserve just the best tourist service a travel agency can offer when that happens. We have already made dozens of arrangements with many tourist operators throughout the country so you can just travel and enjoy yourself.

Further, we have a goal about it: We want you to remember Peru smiling for the rest of your life, and we work towards that aim.

Still, Peru trips are not the only options we offer in this company. Being so many years in the market, we also offer trips and tours to other destinations around the Americas and the world. Take a look at the other pages of this site to find our most-frequently requested offers, and remember we can also help you get a tailored trip to Peru or abroad if you contact us and tell us your need.