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Trips abroad

On this page you can find our main international holiday (or vacation) packages. Any price you see on this section assumes you are departing from Jorge Chávez international airport, in Lima, Peru (and they are adapted to a Peruvian pricing range, which might appear quite affordable for you); but we can help you make arrangements in case you wish to depart from any other location or to any other destination. Please refer to our page of tailored trips so we can get all the necessary details.

Pick one of the options below to begin. Feel free to contact us if you wish any additional information.

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

Cancún Cancun

Iguazú Iguazu

Panamá Panama

Punta Cana Punta Cana

Quito Quito

Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

San Andres San Andres

Santiago Santiago

Varadero Varadero

Soon more destinations…

Soon more destinations…