Travel to Cajamarca

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Cajamarca is in northern Peru. It is famous for being the place in which the last Inca was trapped and killed by the Spaniard conquerors and the "small windows" of Otuzco, among others. Let us tell you a little more about Otuzco now.

Otuzco is a necropolis, that is, an ancient cemetery of pre-Inca times. The place is full of horizontal tomb spaces, like windows, and this is why this area is known in Spanish as the "ventanillas de Otuzco" (the small windows of Otuzco).

Once there, you will notice the necropolis was built straight in the stone of the mount that bears them. It was a superb work of engineering, as they not only built the tombs in a very precise way, but also canals to prevent rain from flooding the cemetery, and corridors to reach the ones that were on the top. The area is very close to the historical place where Atahualpa, the last Inca, was imprisoned and killed, so you can easily go there once your visit to Otuzco is over. Ancient Peruvians used to pay respect to their departed, so this may have been a place of religious ceremonies as well.