Colca canyon.

Travel to the Colca Canyon

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…from US$ 156.00 per person. Don't forget we can offer you a tailored trip to the Colca canyon as well. You just need to contact us.

Now let us tell you a little more about the Colca Canyon:

The Colca Canyon is about 150 km away from Arequipa, and it is usually included as a side tourist activity for those who travel there. The Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in America. Yes, it is deeper than the Great Canyon in the United States. It is surrounded by the Andes mountains and some inactive volcanoes. There are many places where to see the mountains, the valleys and the life there —especially the condor, which is the largest bird in the world.

Visiting the Colca canyon is not just for sightseeing, though. There are hot springs (you can use the hot springs for a small fee of around 20 soles), a museum, a XVII century church (actually two), archaeological remains, restaurants and a few hotels if you wish to spend a day there. It can be a nice full-day experience.

Do you want to know what is best? That the beautiful Colca canyon has not been "polluted" with tourist buildings. You can still enjoy its almost intact natural beauty, and safely, nicely and memorably if you purchase a tour from us.