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Now let us tell you a little more about Cusco:

Cusco is, internationally, the most attractive place in Peru. It was the capital city of the Inca empire, it is close to all the extraordinary stone buildings the Incas raised without mortar; and if that weren't enough, it is a vibrant cosmopolitan and mystic city.

Travelling through Encantada Tours will let you visit this place and most (if not all) the most interesting cultural sites Cusco has to offer safely. Here a short list of the most important ones:

Machu Picchu. We have an extra page dedicated to it.

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous trekking routes in America. It takes up to five days to complete at a pace of 6 to 8 hours walking per day, but it rewards to you some of the most beautiful views the Andes mountains can offer a human being. The Inca Trail is demanding to a point, so if you are not physically fit, consider taking the train.

Those who are still interested in the Inca Trail should know it has two options: the long walk lasts four days, from Piscacucho to Machu Picchu. The short walk is half long, two days, from Chachabamba to Machu Picchu. In both routes you will be able to appreciate gorgeous views of the Andes, its valleys and its peaks. You will be able to enjoy hot weather, freezing weather, and everything in between. Add to that the fact you will be walking in the highlands, and you will be able to start picturing the size of the challenge.

Puca Pucará was a military fort back in the days of the Incas, a place where the troops could both station and protect one of the entrances to the capital of the Inca empire. As it was a watching fort, visiting Puca Pucará will show you a nice view of the surroundings. As it is a military building, it will show you walls and other defensive structures along with warehouses, homes, springs, aqueducts, terraces, staircases and the like; all of them built of stone with the characteristic Inca style: fitting one stone next to the other without mortar.

Qenqo is just 5 or 6 km away from Cusco. No one really knows what was Qenqo used for exactly, but the most accepted theory is that it was a building of religious purposes of Inca or pre-Inca days.

Qenqo is full of shapes. There are a sort of amphitheatre, tombs, narrow canals in zigzag, chambers, statues, monoliths… in short, plenty to see and admire here.

Sacsayhuamán fortress, which was also made completely of stone without mortar, has dozens of rooms and open areas. Spaniard conquerors described it had many storage rooms filled with weapons and supplies, so it was indeed a fortress. It is north from Cusco, huge, and you should know there are still some activities here. The most remarkable is undoubtedly the Inti Raymi celebration in June 24th. The Inti Raymi was the celebration of the equinox of winter, the new year day for the Incas.

Last but not least, Tambomachay, which was a sort of spa for the Incas, will show you how these culture dominated engineering. The building divides a small waterfall exactly in two, has places to bathe, canals, aqueducts and centuries ago, included its own watchtower.

Encantada Tours offers tours to Cusco that last between 3 and 5 days. Contact us for additional details.