Iguazu waterfalls.

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Now let us tell you a little more about Iguazu:

Iguazu is a national park both in Argentina and Brazil, so we need to approach this area with the respect this deserves. Endangered species live here. The main attraction are definitely the waterfalls, which are over 2 km long and have many short and tall falls. Iguazu is one of the largest waterfall system in the world. Fortunately, Brazilian and Argentinian governments have decided to preserve it.

Besides the waterfalls, tourists are encouraged to visit the parks that are in the surroundings. The main two parks are the natural one, ideal for birdwatching, and the dinosaur park, which features animated replicas in natural size of the extinct animals. In addition, there is a wax museum next to the latter, so you can add visiting it to your to-do list too.

As you may see, Iguazu has a bit of all: nature, culture, children-friendly activities, stores, tasty food and drinks. What more can you ask for? Book your trip to Iguazu here.