Nazca geoglyph

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Now let us tell you a little more about Nazca:

Nazca, in Peru, is famous for its geoglyphs. Nobody knows exactly why the ancient Nazca civilization built them (let us remark: they were built by the Nazca people and not by any kind of aliens), but should something be true about them is that they are worth your visit. Tourists usually reach Nazca by bus either from Lima or as an additional tour from Ica or Paracas National Reserve. Once there, there are two ways to see the geoglyphs: you can either stop at a lookout point, where you can see up to two of the drawings, or you can take a one-hour aircraft flight so you can see them all from the sky. Either way, the experience is unforgettable.

Near Nazca there is also a pre-Inca cemetery called Chauchilla. If you wish to visit it, you will be able to see with your own eyes how ancient Peruvians prepared their departed for an afterlife. Many of the mummies there are over 1000 years old! It will be an experience.

From there, you can head to Nazca city, Ica or Paracas to have something to eat or drink. Nazca has a calm yet nice nightlife, so you can spend a night there before going back or moving to the next stop of your trip.