Travel to Panama city

Our proposed package includes:

…from US$ 570.00 per person. Don't forget we can offer you a tailored trip to Panama city as well. You just need to contact us.

Now let us tell you a little more about Panama city:

Panama city thrives. It is a sort of natural centre for world trade because of its canal, so you will notice Panama's convenience in terms of business tourism and multicultural society. Visiting Panama, anyway, is not merely to do business. You have two oceans to see, the Pacific and the Caribbean, beaches to enjoy and natural areas as well. During a three-night visit to Panama, we suggest you to save some time to go shopping. Panama is where all vessels pass by to go from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and therefore, prices there can be really cheap.

When you visit Panama city, get ready to visit its parks. Panama is the frontier between Central and South America, so you will find species from both sides both in the animal and vegetal kingdoms. There are a museum and a botanic park, which would be great to visit to discover all the variety America has. This tour package already includes visiting the Panama Canal, so cross it out from your to-do list.

Those willing to spend some time relaxing need to know there are options on both coasts: Panama has a quite stable weather, so head to the beach, enjoy yourself and get back home with great new items bought at unbelievable prices.