Reserva Nacional de Paracas

Travel to Paracas

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Now let us tell you a little more about Paracas:

Paracas is a Natural Reserve in Ica, about 300 km south from Lima. It includes desert, cliffs, island, beaches and the coast itself. Paracas hosts penguins, pelicans, flamingos, seals and many other species that are considered endangered in other places around the world. Visiting Paracas is a privilege you can't miss; and travelling there with Encantada guarantees you a fun time too. You will go by boat to Ballestas islands, where most animals live, and to Huacachina oasis in Ica.

Paracas was also the area in which a pre-Inca civilization thrived. The Paracas people were masters in textiles, and they still astonish the world with textiles that still hold their dyes, several centuries after they were made. There is more information about this in a museum in Pisco, near Paracas. You may want to include this extra place in your plans, if you want to give your trip an additional cultural boost. Just do not use flash when taking a photograph to the textiles, please.

While in Pisco… try some pisco! Peruvian national drink is made 100% from grapes… the whole grape! It is strong but tasty, and a very healthy liquor… provided that you don't drink too much of it.