Punta Cana

Travel to Punta Cana

Our proposed package includes:

…from US$ 980.00 per person. Don't forget we can offer you a tailored trip to Punta Cana as well. You just need to contact us.

Now let us tell you a little more about Punta Cana:

Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic, is already known for its beautiful beaches. You could just buy our suggested package on this page, pack your swimming suit or bikini and other beach clothes, and travel and slack while you get "the" sun tan.

If you wish to go and see the surroundings, besides the services your hotel already offers, you can find horse-riding (from amateur to experienced —there is no need to be afraid if you have never ridden a horse before), go for a ride around the place in a dune buggy, or for a country ride with meal included around the sugar cane fields and the hills, or try a zip-line!

Back in the water, try snorkelling, sailing, short cruises… you choose. We will just help you make sure your trip will be unforgettable.