San Andrés

Travel to San Andrés, Colombia

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Now let us tell you a little more about San Andrés:

First things first, San Andrés is not a city. It is an island located about 700 km from mainland Colombia, in the Caribbean sea. It is known for its beaches and its beautiful landscapes, but also for its water sports and underwater beauties.

Let us tell you first about the people. San Andrés has received influence from English, Spanish, Dutch, African and even pirate cultures, so you will both find it easy to enjoy the mix of cultures and to blend into them.

Among the natural attractions, three immediately come up to a traveller's mind: El Hoyo Suplidor geyser, the beautiful beaches and the underwater sights. The geyser is not always active, so you may have good or bad luck about it; but fortunately, the coral reefs and the colourful fish will not move away anytime soon. While in San Andrés, try to go snorkelling so you can appreciate any (or all, if you dare!) of the over thirty places to dive in the island. Some of them will show you the corals and the fish; others will show you caves, statues and even a wrecked ship or two.

During the day, get a good suntan at the beach. During the night, visit one of the bars and enjoy the people and music.