Travel to Varadero

Our proposed package includes:

…from US$ 880.00 per person. Don't forget we can offer you a tailored trip to Varadero as well. You just need to contact us.

Now let us tell you a little more about Varadero:

This Cuban beach is ideal for those who just want to relax. Hotels have all-inclusive service, so you will not need to spend a cent if you don't want to. The beaches and services are all what you need, most of the times.

Anyway, if you feel adventurous and you want to take a look at "the other side" of this Cuban area, Varadero will show you "the other side" can be nice too. People are friendly, there are coral reefs at Playa Coral, over 50 caverns in Cueva Saturno, churches and museums. Just don't ask around what life is like under the Cuban socialist system. You may not receive an answer.